Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Print Management Software: Two Ways It Improves Employee Productivity

Using print management software is like having a highly paid productivity consultant on staff, only you never receive a bill. How/why? Quite simply, it is because this software increases employee output almost immediately, in the following ways.

Quick Turnaround: By increasing print reliability, print management software helps employees to process documents quicker. Some of the ways it accomplishes this is by bundling print jobs, sending end-to-end confirmation, and providing failover to an alternate printer if there are problems with the existing machine. This means that orders can be fulfilled quicker, increasing overall output, while at the same time shortening the sales cycle.


Manages Print Jobs: Print management software improves productivity in this area by giving employees everything they need to monitor and track the administrative duties associated with printing. It does this in a number of ways:

  • It decreases the amount of time employees spend troubleshooting jobs by providing a single point of control. Hence, if there are problems, they can be handled expeditiously.
  • It can hold print jobs after they have printed. This makes it easy to reprint if necessary.
  • Print management software can create estimates for customers. By entering minimal information, your employees can seamlessly craft estimates quickly for prospects. This can lead to more accounts and a healthier bottom line for your business.
  • It accelerates the sales process for mobile workers. Your employees will be able to print from any location, from any application, to any printer, using any printer setting. From Austin, Texas to Zion, Kentucky, your mobile workforce will always be able to get their documents printed.

There are many benefits of print management software; the major one being that it streamlines key operating processes, freeing your employees to handle what they were hired to do best.

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