Thursday, May 17, 2012

How Small Businesses Are Saving Money by Outsourcing Network Support

Small businesses face a number of different monthly expenses and many of them are not completely necessary. For example, hiring a full-time network support or IT professional for your small business may not necessarily be the best route for you to take. Many businesses in this situation are saving quite a bit of money by outsourcing this job to a professional company in this field. Here are the basics of how companies are saving money by outsourcing their network support tasks.

How it Works

With this arrangement, the small business hires a network support firm to handle their networking tasks. The firm comes in and sets everything up and then monitors it remotely. If the small business needs help with the network, they simply call the firm and get it taken care of. The network support firm can typically handle most things remotely. In some cases, a representative from the firm may have to travel in and fix the problems.


One of the biggest advantages of using this process is that it can save you money. You only pay for the network service that you need. If you hire a full-time employee, you're going to be paying for a lot of sitting around, in most cases. The network should work fine the majority of the time. If you have a full-time employee just sitting there waiting on something bad to happen, it can result in a lot of lost wages. If you outsource the service, you are essentially just paying for the work that you need done.

Another advantage of using this process is that you do not have to incur all of the overhead that comes with having a full-time employee. For example, when you have an employee, you may have to pay for medical insurance, retirement benefits, workers compensation insurance and other costs. You also have to take up space in your place of business to provide him with an office and the equipment that he needs to work. These costs can really start to add up over the long-term. In many cases, it is much more cost effective to simply outsource this work instead.


If you are thinking about hiring a company to handle your network services on an outsourced basis, make sure that you do your homework. There are good companies to work with and bad ones. If you take the time to do your homework and find a company that really knows what it's doing, you should be able to save money without taking on a lot of additional headaches.

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